ApolloCon, Where Doodle Dreams Come True

Presenting ApolloCon 2011, the new DoodleCon! Where else but a 2 x 6 foot table in the middle of a long, empty hotel corridor in Houston, Texas would one expect to find time and energy and recklessness to abandon the hopeless task of selling books, to instead fill up three pages of incessant, patterned scribbles?

There are benefits! Doodling aids memory, creativity, attention span! Occasionally, it even draws crowds.  They pay ten bucks for the first book in the fantasy series by the author you’re working for/with just so you can doodle in it.  You draw a sun or a moon or a stick figure–a true doodle delight.  People ask, “Why even bring books to DoodleCon?” To tone muscles? To flatten doodles torn out of your notebook, like a delicate, dry flower? Nostalgia?

The History: For some of you first-timers, ApolloCon started as a small Science Fiction/Fantasy convention aimed to highlight unknown (and some known) artists of the genre.  Fanatics get to shake the hands and pick

the brains of their favorite novelists, graphic artists, cartoonists, jewelry makers, and bustle designers.  Panels allow for even further insight on issues regarding the genre.  Popular ones cover world building, invented languages, Steampunk, different usage of media.  It’s basically a church retreat for sci-fi geeks.  

But the decline in attendance caused enough pause and confusion, at least in me, to give this event a proper name change.  DoodleCon, of course, ranks as number one.  But I propose the following as future titles:

Cast the I-Ching Con

A group of spiritualists cast coins all at the same time, to see whose fate for the present moment resonates best.  Though Oracles are meant for individual interpretation, Robert Stikmanz and I would happily charge $15 for OUR correct interpretation.  We’d even wear mystical hats and rings and things that should make you trust us.

Stock Up on Coffee Because the Hotel Starbucks Closes at 10 a.m. Con

Don’t worry.  If you liked iced coffee, they’ll happily pour your already luke-warm cup-o-joe over a scoop of ice.  It dilutes the burnt flavor, anyway.  And then you can draw yourself on the cup during bathroom breaks, when you need a stand-in for your booth. No one will try to steal books.  But watch out; they might swipe your sharpie.

Indian Food With Blue Moose Press Con

Authors: Christine Rose, Ethan Rose, Paul E. Cooley, and Robert Stikmanz.  Not pictured: O.M. Grey.  She was attending the Steampunk Ball, tweeting Professor Elemental.

A time for busting out the Ipad to show off Paul’s awesome app for signing e-books while waiting on simosas and naan! Also competing with this event name: Naan-Con.

Get Insulted by An Ancient Turd Named Dr. Bill For Not Knowing Old Sci-Fi Authors And Then Later Hear This Was His Attempt at Hitting On Amanda Con

Not pictured.  Just imagine someone you want to punch–Rush Limbaugh, your bastard child, Miley Cyrus– and that is him.

The Yellow Wallpaper Con 

Stare at the putrid tint of the hotel walls and slowly descend into irreversible psychosis.  “It is the strangest yellow, that wall-paper! It makes me think of all the yellow things I ever saw — not beautiful ones like buttercups, but old foul, bad yellow things. But there is something else about that paper—the smell! … The only thing I can think of that it is like, is the color of the paper! A yellow smell.”

The votes are on the table, folks.  Houston, Texas, what joy shall we expect next?


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Hey, there! Thanks for reading my blog, Polished Pear Creative Editing. My name is Amanda (Kimmerly) McMullen, and I devote my time and talent to making manuscripts publisher-ready. If you have an unedited book, or have started one of any genre, please connect! www.polishedpearcreative.com. Cheers!
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2 Responses to ApolloCon, Where Doodle Dreams Come True

  1. Shiloh says:

    Another name you might want to consider, based on my experience there last year: Hotel Built At the End of a Runway Where Approximately Every 5 Minutes a Large Aircraft Takes Off Headed Directly Toward the Building/Your Room/Your Face, Only to Pull Up at the Last Second and Miss the Roof by About 3 Feet Con.

  2. kimmerlyaj says:

    Ha! Yes. Also, “Non-Smoking” Rooms that Leave Your Clothes, Your Hair, Your Computer Bag Suspiciously Smelling Like a Dirty Bar in the 90s.

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