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Word Chess

Word nerds, play along! the whole world, a conjunction:   and still     for     not but      or so         yet.  conjunctions held the world: and not for, or but, yet so still the world, … Continue reading

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Dvarsh Art – Unfolding the “Talojem”

I’m posting this flyer (below) on my own web page, because a.) I made it and b.)  some of you are not my friend on Facebook (Gasp!).  The Hidden Lands of Nod is an offbeat fantasy series written by R. … Continue reading

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“Shabv” – Dvarsh for “Heart”

It’s the end of Summer, a few weeks into the new school semester, when most people move cities and start new lives and are filled with a renewed sense of purpose.  This is the first time in months I haven’t itched … Continue reading

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