^^^ That’s what I’m calling my new French Press cup of JOY creation.

I bought a French Press last week to encourage bringing the cafe-style atmosphere into my home workspace, rather than going out for it every morning.  It’s part of my Low-Budget Month, where I cut back on some of the unnecessary costs—temporarily—to remain conscious and in charge of my spending habits.**

This means cutting my daily half-caff AMERICANOS.  GAH!  I’ve given coffee up too many times to count and keep wandering back, like it’s home.

The first days with the French Press were icky, too watery and bitter, even slightly sour! I’ll skip the ugly first impressions and jump to how French Press and I became good friends.

RECIPE for a full-bodied cup of JOY.

6 ounces of water per 1.2 tablespoons of coarse grounds.  I use half decaf, half regular.

Add hot water to grounds in French Press, stir with a wooden or plastic spoon (not metal) for 10-15 seconds.  For every 12 ounces of water, add 1/8 cup of Almond Milk to the coffee/water.  Stir.  If you like sugar, add sugar.  Add a dollup of creamer (flavored or unflavored).  Add a healthy pinch of Celtic Sea Salt.  Stir.  Let sit for 4-5 minutes.  Press.


I’m not sure if adding the milk and sugar is good for the French Press, but it enhances the flavor, richness and texture dramatically.

Happy taste buds!


Happy 3rd birthday to my blog.  She’s a Cancerian moon princess, like myself!  Probably full of moody resentment due to all her momma’s NEGLECT.  😛

Happy 28th birthday to my real-life Cancerian friend (a moon PRINCE!), Josh Real (wordpress: FantasyRaider).  BLESSINGS TO ALL!

**I totes went to Cenote today for an Americano.  It was a lovely work morning and I accomplished many challenging activities for Confabule! Instead of ordering a second cup, however, I came home to master the ‘Fresh Press.’  It triumphed.  *Applause*


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