sunday inspiration


you are what you are attracting.

what you are attracting, you are being.


external is a reflection of internal. 

thoughts are reality.


steer them in the direction of what you want,

not what you lack.


be fierce in setting your awareness

on what you really are.


not what you fear, not what you hopelessly dote on;


well, how do I know what i really am?


if the thought is peaceful.


“i am a coward”  — does that create peace?

“I am a wondrous source of light”  — does that create peace?

“I am incapable” 

“I am capable” 


feel the energy in your body lift.  that’s you opening to your true nature, whose foundation is infinite, and therefore, infinitely possible. 


explore for yourself.  your doubt, your consciousness. 


what are the thoughts that open doors and allow for miracles?


what thoughts make you feel stuck? in life, in love, in work, in health.

are the thoughts life-giving, or life-threatening?


(there is no true threat, even in limited beliefs) 


what would your thoughts look like, if you already had the reality you dreamed of?

think those thoughts now.


let your life unfold, without barriers.

barriers are only of the mind.


everything you see, you created.

even sickness.


which is not so depressing, when you realize that if you created it, you can change it.

starting with your thoughts.  


if your sickness could talk, ask why it’s there.

ask yourself why you think you need it.

what does it give you that healthiness does not?


whatever it is, free yourself from that attachment

by inviting a new thought:


I suspect this is how this sickness is helping me.  But I also realize I don’t need this sickness as much as I thought.  If there’s another way, I am open.  I am open to complete healing, even if I don’t know what that feels like anymore.  Even if I am afraid that I will lose what the sickness is giving me.


you can only act from your level of awareness.  when expanded, you invite another action.  when you feel open to a new way of living, ask for direction.  what action am i to take?


you are your own teacher.


everyone is built with the knowledge they need to heal themselves.  

healing begins by correcting the error in thought.

what happens in and of the body is just a result.   


the answer might sound strange.  but if it is peaceful, try it.





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Hey, there! Thanks for reading my blog, Polished Pear Creative Editing. My name is Amanda (Kimmerly) McMullen, and I devote my time and talent to making manuscripts publisher-ready. If you have an unedited book, or have started one of any genre, please connect! Cheers!
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  1. jacksaunsea says:

    Thanks for saying you think I’m attractive 🙂

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