All The Rage: Beloved Links

Austin Author Robert Stikmanz:  Fantasy/ Sci-Fi/ Absurdism.  Genre-bending, mind-mending.  I absolutely love his voice and vision.  His book series, The Hidden Lands of Nod, is for sale at any book store or through his web site.  I advise you read them, and take notes! Through the parallel world of Habdvarsha, he (with the aide of magical creatures!) teaches us how to better care for each other and the earth.

 A writers’ collective of four young poets and fictionists, with innovative attempts to “survive the post-print apocalypse.”

The Fiction Circus.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.  “You got bad, fiction world. You got lazy and sad. We are going to make you good again.” And they do. Read their stories online, or catch their wicked performances across the beautiful state of New York, with occasional appearances in Austin, TX.

Fringe Lit Mag. “The Noun That Verbs Your World.”  Experimental, well-edited, edgy, and FREE.  Add this to your subscriptions list, folks.

A writing center and writing service in East Austin lead by Texas Observer Fiction editor, David Duhr and journalist/fictionist Justine Goldberg. See their space! 


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