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^^^ That’s what I’m calling my new French Press cup of JOY creation. I bought a French Press last week to encourage bringing the cafe-style atmosphere into my home workspace, rather than going out for it every morning.  It’s part … Continue reading

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Goodbye Cleanse, Hello Cleanliness

Day 4.  I gave up. The symptoms from yesterday, apparently, are normal.  It’s the sickness that’s been building in your body that is being released, so of course, there will be physical discomfort. However, with zero energy and zero focus, … Continue reading

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Day 3, Le Mis

Perhaps I’m just a big baby, but… this cleanse is really sucking.  I feel awful.  Extremely weak.  Nauseous from the Salt Water Flush.  Physically uncomfortable from Salt Water Flush.  Raging headache.  No focus.  Cold and hot chills.  It’s the equivalent … Continue reading

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