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Huntington Beach. Burrr.

To possibly salvage the racy alcoholic image my last blog portrayed, let me indulge you in the classier, nature-happy highlights of our trip. Stopping first in Huntington Beach.   The weather here, in the beautiful Southern California, piques at 68 degrees.  A vast difference … Continue reading

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Flagstaff, Arizona. No Vacancy.

After driving 18+ hours and braving Wizard of Oz-like storms, the Toyota Prius (and its tired, smelly inhabitants) pulled into Flagstaff, ready to fall into a coma.  Such a tame town should have ample available places to stay; no reason to call in advance, … Continue reading

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Roswell, New Mexico — Alien Ghost Town

If the supposed UFO aircraft did not crash over the dry, hotter-than-balls plains of Roswell, New Mexico in July 1947, then this town would predictably shrivel up and die from lack of economic stimulance and/or irreparable boredom.  Who knew even the … Continue reading

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West Coast Bound

8 hours and counting… Three Texans & One Arkansan will travel out West, to Roswell, the Grand Canyon, Vegas and ultimately, our main reason for this 10-day excursion, to San Diego, for Comic Con. Stay tuned for adventure stories, fun photies, trip updates, mishaps and … Continue reading

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The City Theatre– cute, quaint, and no longer hidden

Present and Former Theatre students and enthusiasts, prepare to squeal with excitement. If you prefer old high school or college black box shows with minimal (and often imaginary) props, virtually zero budget, and smaller casts, check out The City Theatre, … Continue reading

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Hear Ye, Bible Thumpers and Bible Burners

**Before I begin, please note, that although the mention of the word “Bible” acts as an immediate switch for most people to either turn off their attention or to turn on emotionally charged, relentless opinions, that this is not the release for such … Continue reading

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