Published Poetry & Fiction

This list is freshly blooming.  For copyright reasons, as well as to secure any future publications of work I send out to literary magazines, I am only posting links in which accepted pieces have previously appeared.

SHORT FICTION: “When They Float to the Top,” Storychord Magazine

POETRY: “Suburban Paranoia,” Poetry For The Masses

“Alien School Girl,” “Parting Gifts,” “Maintaining His Virginity Through White Magic,” and “If I had a Men in Black Memory-Erasing Laser,” Pear Noir! issue 6 (below).

“Blame it on Bad Weather” and “Bookmarked,” Strong Verse. 

“Throat” published in REAL magazine.


There’s a bird singing in my throat only I can hear; she asks if I would stay silent and transcribe for her. Today, she sang, woman, bake a pie while I tongue analogies. It didn’t exactly rhyme but good songs don’t have to.  she said, what do you know about songs?  I said, nothing. she was ready for a metaphor, and I turned a new page. She sang: a bird with no beak.  “That’s no metaphor,” I thought.  She said, what do you know about metaphors?  A bird with no beak is bleak, she sang.  (But, what do you know about beaks?) A bird with no beak is bleak and can’t speak, she sang.  My pencil broke.  The bird in my throat said, Woman, keep up.  Don’t you know anything? “A bird with no beak is bleak and can’t speak.”  I swallowed her and started singing.

Sessions: A Black Room to Start,” Full of Crow.


partinggift(Good thing I specified Elliot Smith.  Gotye surfaced into the world well after this publication, lol).


This next one appeared in Pear Noir! as well, but on a postcard for their Postcard Series.  Written in college. 2007. whitemagic


3 Responses to Published Poetry & Fiction

  1. I love “Blame it on the Bad Weather” and “Bookmarked”

    an I in the typo “Lve”
    or is it an o,
    i don’t know so I write ea,
    wipe the crust from my eyes,
    and go.

    I wrote all of that w/o having to look back at the poem. You write beautiful poetry and it’s different, it’s real, I like it.

  2. kimmerlyaj says:

    Thank you so much, Simi. Love that you connected with both poems. Keep well and keep reading. 😉

  3. Either these are somewhat new to the site or I somehow missed them before now. My faves are…
    I was about to list them, but I might as well just say all of them. because as considered, I realize I like them all. Not everything about all of them, but each has something I like. I appreciate that they are actually aABOUT something. Too much of contemporary poetry (that I’ve read) seems mundane and hollow to me. But yours is so FULL. And filling. Like a tasty treat. Like yummy chocolate pie. MMM, can’t you just feel that breeze? HA!
    ps– I got the postcard.

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