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Prelude to a Change of Mind — A hi-5 to Sci-Fi

Typically, I do not bother with Science Fiction/Fantasy novels.  Earth–with its gravity, physics, time constraints, cancer, spaceships–is difficult enough to grasp without dizzying.  Start defying that and little Amanda loses her way through the stethoscope.  Err.  Stratosphere.  Err.  Proverbial forest?  Thankfully to … Continue reading

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Beachy Keen Future Street Artistry

San Diego scenery hardly needs photoshop to illuminate its inherent resplendence;  I’m just a sucker for accentuated constrasts and colors, so voila!–there you have it, manipulated images. Gorging on mango, red onion, smoked gouda quesadillas, (and practically the same calorie content over the … Continue reading

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